Laboratory of Katayoon Dehesh at UC Riverside

News & Ongoing Events in the Dehesh Lab

Congratulations to Heeseung and Jinzheng! Their paper was accepted by Nature Plants! 
Pizza lunch to celebrate Jonathan and Matthew's success during their summer research programs in the Dehesh lab.

Jonathan Wu, a rising junior at UCR, joined out lab as a summer RISE program researcher.
Matthew Part, an incoming junior transfer at UC Davis, joined our lab as a summer RUE program researcher.
Welcoming Jinjin’s baby girl, Iris, to the world!

Mien’s Retirement Party! Thanks for managing the Dehesh lab so well!

Jingzhe Guo, who is not a specilist on lipids, received the Best Presentation Award at the Gordon Research Conference on Plant Lipids. 

Evan R Angelos from Michigan State University joined our lab as a postdoctoral scholar.

Maria Fernanda Gomez Mendez from the National Autonomous University of Mexico joined our lab as a technician.
Jinjin Li from Huazhong Agricutural University, China joined our lab as a visiting postodoc scholar.
Tyler joined our lab as a new Ph.D. student in Fall 2021.

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