Laboratory of Katayoon Dehesh @ UC Riverside

Katayoon (Katie) Dehesh


Director, Institute for Integrative Genome Biology
Ernst and Helen Leibacher Endowed Chair
German National Academy of Sciences
Professor of Molecular Biochemistry

Ph.D., 1977, Sussex University, United Kingdom - Stress Physiology
B.S., 1972, Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran - Biology


Mien van de Ven

                                     Lab Manager​

               Ph.D., 1992, Scottish Crop Research Institute/Dundee    
               University, Scottland, UK
               Ir. (combination of M.S. and B.S.), 1986, Wageningen
               University, the Netherlands


Maria Fernanda Gomez Mendez

M.S 2015, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico 
B.S. 2012, Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, Mexico


Jinzheng Wang

Project Scientist 

Ph.D., 2011, Capital Normal University, China
B.S., 2004, Qingdao Agricultural University, China

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Heeseung Choi

Postdoctoral Scholar 

Ph.D., 2018, Seoul National University, Korea
B.S., 2007, Konkuk University, Korea

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Liping Zeng

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D., 2014, Fudan University, China
M.S., 2010, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
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Jingzhe Guo

Assistant Project Scientist 

Ph.D., Wuhan University, China
B.S., Wuhant University, China

Evan Angelos

Postdoctoral Scholar 

Ph.D., 2021, Michigan State University
B.S. 2013, Kalamazoo College

Jinjin Li

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D., 2019, Huazhong Agricutural University
Postdoc, Huazhong Agricutural University 

Graduate & Undergraduate Students

Tyler Inskeep

Graduate student
UC Riverside

Marco de la Torre

Undergraduate student
Worked as REU student in summer 2022 (June13-Aug19) with Heeseung.
Then started working in September 2022 with Mien both with research as general lab work

Brain Zhang

UC Riverside, Biology
CNAS scholar suumer research fellow
Now he is a graduate student at UC Riverside

Farzaneh Talebi Liasi

UC Riverside, Biology
Junior undergraduate

Nathaniel Co

UC Riverside
Worked with Heeseung since 2020

Chris Leong

UC Riverside
worked with Evan from 2022

Jessalyn Yam

UC Riverside
2019 RISE summer program
Worked with Liping

Megan Hsu

UC Riversie
2019 RISE summer program
worked with Jinzheng

Lab Alumni

Former Postdoctoral Scholar

Maha Chieb Postdoctoral scholar from France  (2021)
Haiyan Ke (Former assistant specialist)  Staff of UCR metabolomic core

Jishan Jiang Professor at China Agricultural University.

Cecilia Rodriguez-Furlan
Postdoc in UC Riverside

Amancio José de Souza Coordinator of UCR metabolomic core

Mark Lemos

Changquan Wang Professor at Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Yanmei Xiao 

Venkat Kolla
worked on the starch to oil project. 

Daniel Hayden accepted a Scientist position at Complete Genomics after leaving the Dehesh lab.

Hiromi Tajima took a postdoctoral position at a UC Davis lab after leaving the Dehesh lab.

Wassim Chehab became a research scientist at Rice University after leaving the Dehesh lab.

Roy Kaspi became a principal investigator with the Israel Agriculture Agency after leaving the Dehesh lab.

Zhiyong Zhang became a senior scientist at Hendrick Seeds after leaving the Dehesh lab.

Giriga Raman

Masa-Aki Oto took a position as a Scientist at Mendel Biosciences after leaving the Dehesh lab.

Former Graduate & Undergraduate Students

Former Graduate students
Mark Lemos
graduated on 2018
Angela Reinert 

Geoffrey Benn took a position as the ‎BIS2C Academic Coordinator at UC Davis after completing his Ph.D.  

Marta Bjornson joined Cyril Zipfel's lab as a Post-doc at The Sainsbury Laboratory Marta after completing her Ph.D.

Cade Guthrie

Justin Walley is currently an assistant professor at Iowa State University.

Alexandria Salazar took a position at a biotech company doing lipidomics work after completing her M.S.

Former Undergraduate Students

Brain Zhang
: worked in the lab from 2019-2022. He was supported by the  PERSIST program, CNAS scholar summer research fellow. Now he is a graduate student in the Biochemistry department at UC Riverside

Ronit Krovidi:
 2021 Summer RISE Program, UC Riverside

Dima Younes: 2016-2019, UC Riverside

Nahal Khalkhali: 2018 Summer RISE Program, UC Riverside

Srinija Maganti: 2018 Summer RISE Program, UC Riverside

Will Sauers: 2018 Summer Program, University of Scranton

Srinija Maganti: 2018-2020, UC Riveriside

Former Visiting Scholars

Hao Chen  Visting Post-doc, Zhejiang University, China.

Jinlong Guo  Visting Assistant Professor, Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University, China

Yaqi Wang
Visting Ph.D. candidate at Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Jiubo Liang Visiting Associate Professor, Southwest University, China

Gaoyang Zhang Visiting Assistant Professor, Shangrao Normal University, China

Haoqiang Yu Visiting Ph.D. Student Sichuan Agricultural University, China

Xiang He Visiting Ph.D. Student Sichuan Agricultural University, China 

Jens Mühlenbeck 
visting Master Student, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster

Hongyu Liu 
returned to his faculty position at Northeast Agricultural University, China​.

Panyu Yang was a visting Ph.D. student from China.

Mostafa Sarmast, Ph.D student at Shiraz University.

Yu Ni returned to her faculty position at Southwest University, Chongqing, China.

Ping Li returned to her faculty position at Shanghai University, China.

Caihua Gao was a visiting Ph.D. student at Southwest University, China.

Zhou Huang returned to her faculty position at Sichuan Agricultural University, China.

Liquan Zhu returned to his faculty position at Southwest University, Chongqing, China.

XingShun Song returned to his faculty position at the Northern Forestry University, China.

Yanling Wang returned to her faculty position at Xinjiang Agricultural University, China.